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“Justice cannot be for one side alone but must be for both.”

– Eleanor Roosevelt

Forensic evaluation is an area of psychology where psychology meets the law. This type of evaluation requires a firm understanding of the legal standards and case law which serve as a backdrop for an expert psycholegal opinion. This knowledge must be integrated with the information obtained from a thorough forensic interview, the use of forensic assessment instruments, psychological testing, collateral interviews, a comprehensive review of background records (i.e. legal, psychiatric, and medical records), and the integration of any other pertinent information. It is also essential to report the findings in language that non-mental health professionals can easily understand and utilize.

VIVO Psychological Services can provide the following Forensic Evaluations:

PC 1368 - Competency to Stand Trial (Proceed)

PC 1026/1027 – Mental State at Time of the Offense (Not Guilty by Reason of Insanity)

PC 2972 Offenders with Mental Disorder

An Offender with Mental Disorder (OMD) is a classification given to offenders convicted of specific violent or sexual felonies when the crime was a result of a severe mental disorder. After an offender has served his/her sentence and is placed on parole, but is still experiencing psychiatric symptoms, he/she is evaluated for placement in a secure treatment setting (typically a state hospital) until symptom remission. To conduct an OMD evaluation, the evaluator will conduct a forensic interview, review background records, and perform a violence risk assessment with the use of the HCR-20v.3; the evaluator may also perform psychological testing when indicated.

Malingering (Deception/Feigning)

Risk for Violence or Sexual Recidivism

Occupationally Mandated Psychological Evaluations (Fitness for Duty)

Attorney Consultation

Expert Witness Testimony